Nascent delivers its Sustainable FootprintSM Products in new and redevelopment projects for its customers and business partners through the following solutions:

Installation of Turnkey Alternative Energy Solutions– Solar Energy Systems:

The installation of a solar energy system will reduce the long-term energy costs of your property and decrease your dependence on fossil fuels.

We can offer your company all of the benefits of a solar power system without the huge upfront capital commitment through our Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”).  With our PPA, you pay only for the power use and have little or no upfront costs.

In addition to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, a PPA allows your company to lock in long-term energy rates and reduce your exposure to unpredictable electrical energy markets.


Refinements to the existing building structure:

Nascent Energy Solutions can thoroughly assess and modify the following items to enhance the “green” characteristics of the building envelope and environment:

  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems.
  • Thermal systems, both internally and externally
  • Integration of smart system controls to support higher efficiency in the HVAC and other installed operating elements
  • Efficiencies in the materials used in any renovation or development
  • Plumbing systems and fixture efficiency


Branding of the Completed Project As a Sustainable Energy Business Model:

The sustainable initiatives which supplement and amplify the benefit of the integrated alternative energy solutions, enhance the “green” footprint of the business property and are central to the goal of a sustainable energy project enhancement.

A business needs to have a “sustainable design” component in its marketing plan in order to join the ranks of other educational, commercial and residential buildings that have converted to sustainable businesses.

The linchpin of the Nascent Energy Solutions partnership approach with the property owner is the assurance that projects are designed to comply with Renewable Energy Industry Standards where feasible. As such, our goal is to assist the client in fulfilling the requirements of LEED compliance or other qualified “green” established industry benchmark, while at the same time reaching the concomitant goal of reducing long term use of fossil fuel energy.